PREDCO SERVICES & Practice areas

Predco can provide you all the services that your business needs in order to succeed. Our professionals bring substantial expertise and experience to the table, with a proven track record of solid achievements and success, both inside and outside of government. Predco maximizes value to its clients by providing a one-stop-shop for business advisory services for companies or individuals looking for opportunities in Puerto Rico, with a broad range of services and in several different practice areas, whether related to a project or transaction, to the ongoing operation of a business, or to a future expansion of an operation. Predco's clients benefit from an integrated services provider that can offer cohesive strategies, incentive alignment, supporting resources, and single point of contact and accountability.

Given the vast array of professional experiences possessed by Predco professionals, Predco is ready to help businesses succeed in Puerto Rico and beyond. Predco's professionals have been responsible for matters involving all areas of economic development in Puerto Rico from 2005 to 2012 and from 1993 to 1998, including Puerto Rico's world-renowned incentives program, public finance issues, public-private partnerships, infrastructure financing and development, among many others. Our professionals also bring substantial expertise and experience to the table, with a proven track record of solid achievements and success in the private sector. Let the cumulative experience of Predco work in your favor as you benefit from an integrated services provider that can offer cohesive strategies, incentive alignment, supporting resources, and single point of contact and accountability for the various practice areas that Predco engages.​

● Business Development & Commercial Trade Missions: Predco professionals have the internal capacity to assess and analyze your business model as it engages and interacts in the Puerto Rico economy.  Our professionals are uniquely positioned to guide and assist you in maximizing the returns from your business model, as well as promoting your business concepts and business leads into actual opportunities. Our professionals are recognized and seasoned economists and business people with many years of experience and first-hand knowledge and acumen to assess the economic conditions in Puerto Rico as well as the external economic influences that will impact your projects. Predco consultants are equipped to provide sensible, thoughtful and sound recommendations that will assist and expedite your decision making analysis, thus allocating resources in the most effective manner and ultimately deciding whether the investment's benefits outweigh the projected costs. Given that Predco professionals include several former Secretaries of Economic Development & Commerce that were responsible for business development efforts executed by the government of Puerto Rico, including coordinating commercial missions to and from Puerto Rico during their tenure, Predco is perfectly positioned to provide that expertise to governments and private companies. Predco professionals led missions to the Dominican Republic, Chile, St. Martin, Panama, Costa Rica, Peru, Trinidad & Tobago, Guatemala, El Salvador, Spain, Venezuela, Mexico, and many others, and thus have a wide range of contacts to draw upon.

● Economic & Financial Analysis & Policy Advice: Predco has the capability to assist your business through economic and financial forecast and analysis that will provide you with the necessary tools to make the right decisions for your business. With resources that include former government officials that held the highest ranking positions in the Government Development Bank, the Department of Economic Development & Commerce, the Treasury Department, and the Office of Management and Budget, Predco can conduct economic analysis that will lead your company to positive results. Our professionals have the experience in the financial analysis required to determine the viability of all government projects. They are all experts in their respective fields. Predco's professionals can also conduct financial analysis for your business and steer you in the right direction.

● Government Affairs, Administration & Policy Advice: The government of Puerto Rico is a convoluted myriad of over 130 agencies all reporting through various direct and indirect mechanisms to the Executive Branch. Administering and managing the government of Puerto Rico is a formidable task which requires individuals that have profound and complete knowledge of public policy formulation, as well as thorough command and understanding of intricate state and federal fiscal and budgetary issues. Public policy decisions and the eventual execution and implementation of such decisions is a monumental endeavor which can only be handled by a handful of experienced, organized and very skillful experts. Predco professionals have spent a considerable number of years studying, formulating and advising public and private sector clients in their quest to establish and implement effective business, economic and managerial policies, and are ready to assist you in your Puerto Rico-related projects.

● Legal Advice: If you are looking for legal representation that can help you engage the business community in Puerto Rico and take advantage of the incredible business opportunities that exist in Puerto Rico right now, it is important that you match your particular legal needs with professionals who have successfully practiced in the financial and legal community, and who not only know the law, but also how the legal system works on the Island. Only professionals who fully understand the intricate financial underpinnings of development projects, government tax incentives, and the necessary mechanisms to navigate and execute those projects in Puerto Rico will be able to steer you in the right direction. Our legal practice was founded on those same principles, and our attorneys have extensive and proven experience in financial, corporate, commercial, real estate, government relations, estate and tax matters.

● Project Management & Infrastructure Redevelopment: Project management is usually associated with a temporary group activity designed to produce a unique product or service, a unique result. Projects of magnitude normally have a very defined purpose and end in time; and therefore, a definite scope and a limited number of resources. A project is unique in that it is not a routine operation but a specific set of operations designed to accomplish a singular goal. That is exactly where Predco comes in. Your business venture will need people from different organizations and backgrounds in order to accomplish a project. Our professionals, who hail from a highly diversified and top level professional background, and who fully understand the concept of effective organization and management, are uniquely positioned to immerse themselves in your project with the knowledge, skills and techniques to execute them effectively and efficiently in order to attain your business goals. Predco professionals have worked in countless government and private sector projects that require dedicated attention to complex and intricate business and financial details, while managing the ever challenging time scenario, and Predco is ready to make that experience work for you. As far as infrastructure redevelopment, Predco's professionals were involved in the conception, implementation and completion of many such projects, including a recent urban redevelopment project known as Bahía Urbana. Predco's professionals were also responsible for the financing of most hotels and infrastructure development projects that have taken place in Puerto Rico over the past 20 years, such as the Coliseo de Puerto Rico, Tren Urbano, Museo de Arte de Puerto Rico and the Convention Center of Puerto Rico.

● Public Finance: Predco’s principals were involved in different capacities in the General Obligation bond issuances of the government of Puerto Rico over the past 20 years, including drafting the relevant portions of the Commonwealth Reports and Official Statements, as well as conducting due diligence presentations for the underwriters and making credit presentations to potential buyers as well as rating agencies. Predco professionals worked on dozens of Commonwealth bond issues through the years that represented billions of dollars for the government and its agencies' projects.  Predco professionals include former Presidents of GDB, former Board Directors and Chairmen of the Board of Directors of GDB, and municipal investment bankers.

● Public-Private PartnershipsPredco’s principals were among the main persons involved in the conceptualization and implementation of Puerto Rico’s public-private partnership program, widely hailed as a model for public-private partnerships, and which resulted in several awards for transactions that took place in Puerto Rico. Predco professionals were directly involved as members of the Public-Private Partnership Steering Committee that structured, negotiated, and conducted due diligence for the eventual execution of the Puerto Rico international airport transaction. Furthermore, Predco professionals were actively involved in earlier public-private partnership efforts during the 1990's by heading Puerto Rico’s Privatization Committee at that time and that resulted in the successful sale of the of the then government-owned Puerto Rico Telephone Company, among other important government assets.

● Public Relations & Communications: Anchored in sterling credentials in the public relations and communications field and backed by professionals that were among the main communicators of the government of Puerto Rico with the additional responsibility to create and coordinate all marketing efforts for the government of Puerto Rico, Predco can tailor specific solutions for virtually any project by drawing from a significant pool of professional resources at its disposal both within and outside the firm. Predco can provide its clients a whole range of services that include, but are not limited to: (a) General communications and public relations consultancy; (b) All necessary general communications and public relations outputs; (c) Communications and public affairs strategic planning; (d) Media relationship management; (e) Advertising consultancy; (f) Public and community outreach solutions; (g) Communications and local media training for executives assigned to support a company’s communications and public relations functions; and (h) All other related communications and public affairs functions.

● Puerto Rico IncentivesYou won't find professionals with the breadth of expertise and experience regarding Puerto Rico’s incentives program that Predco’s professionals bring to the table. Predco professionals established, implemented, and supervised a series of ground breaking incentives that have re-written the book on Puerto Rico’s incentives with new and novel incentives programs, including in the areas of manufacturing, tourism, finance, insurance, film, renewable energy, and many others. Mr. Pérez-Riera was the person responsible for the conception, drafting, approval and implementation of Acts 20 & 22 of 2012, and all regulations related thereto.