The main issue in formulating public policy is the determination and identification of a problem. It is critical to understand that the policy which is pursued tackles or attempts to solve a problem that is relevant to a particular constituency. A clear agenda must then be established. The potential new policy must be discussed and must be analyzed at several levels. In order to introduce a particular policy to the mainstream, it is critical that key actors, including interest groups, media and government officials, become aware of the importance of the new policy and express support at some level. Effective communication at early stages is as important as budget issues later on. Once the idea, or policy, is accepted by key actors, policy making--through its myriad of legislative and executive processes--is underway. Predco's group of talented professionals have collectively devoted thousands of man-hours to effectively recognizing the need for policy implementation and accomplishing results in a steadfast and constant manner, and are in a position to assist you with any needs you may have in this area. Some major government reengineering projects that Predco professionals handled while in government include the Permits, Tax and Renewable Energy reforms, as well as the creation of the platform. Through their management expertise and experience, Predco's professionals can complement the operational components of your business, either to liberate your company's resources, or to provide advice to maximize the effectiveness and productivity of your company. Some examples below illustrate a few of the projects managed by Predco professionals.

Permits Reform: A wholesale re-engineering of Puerto Rico’s permitting and licensing process, which had been a long-standing hurdle to growth and job creation. The Governor named Mr. Pérez-Riera President of a committee established by Executive Order to manage the permitting re-engineering. The Permits Reform, implemented though Act 161 of 2009, called for the complete overhauling of the permitting and licensing process in Puerto Rico to provide for a leaner and more efficient process that fosters economic development. The new system required the elimination of government agencies and the creation of new entities outfitted from their inception to be much more agile and efficient than their precursors. The new system was designed to be 100% paperless, to be available online, and was consolidated all under one roof. Furthermore, the Reform authorized Authorized Professionals in the private sector to evaluate and emit permits on a parallel basis with the government to provide an expedited process and a reduction in government burden. The changes included consolidating 28 different permits and regulations into one permit and one regulation.

Tax Reform: A comprehensive Tax Reform, the largest such reform in Puerto Rico’s history, was approved in Law 1 of 2011, with the overriding purpose of lowering taxes for businesses and individuals alike. The Governor of Puerto Rico appointed several government officials to a committee created by Executive Order with the mandate to create and implement the Tax Reform. Several of Predco's professionals were members of that committee. The Tax Reform had been set to reduce taxes on individuals by an average of 50% throughout the six-year implementation of the Reform. The top corporate rate reduced from 41% to 30%, and was set to be further reduced to 25% by 2014. The Tax Reform reduced the number of tax brackets from seven to three, and was set to eventually reduce the three tax brackets to only two.  The current government administration is considering working on a new Tax Reform for 2015. The Government of Puerto Rico set out to modernize the government's information technology infrastructure with regards to citizen and business services under the Principals' tenure. A new system was created, called, which was successful in simplifying, digitizing and automating many government services within the executive branch that previously could only be accessed in person at several government agencies. The new system provided greater accessibility and transparency to the users, and saved valuable time and money in the process for the government and the residents of Puerto Rico. The vision, which included creating a one-stop-shop for citizens and businesses with features such as single sign-on and shopping carts, resulted in over 200 online services provided where there was none prior to By 2012, the platform had processed over 10 million transactions, representing savings of over $100 million dollars to the economy.

We understand that navigating through the intricate and often-times complicated waters of the Government of the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico can be a daunting task. It certainly requires a unique set of skills. You must be extremely knowledgeable with the experience, the skills and the understanding of public policy formulation and implementation. Only a group of professionals with impeccable credentials who have actively advised and created coalitions; who have participated in the actual development of legislation and public policy at the highest levels; who have effectively channeled and organized the needs of the state and its public policy into effective legislative solutions, will be able to help you navigate those waters. At Predco, we can help you steer the ship away from the storm, and help you find your safe harbor.

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The government of Puerto Rico is a convoluted myriad of over 130 agencies all reporting through various direct and indirect mechanisms to the Executive Branch. Administering and managing the government of Puerto Rico is a formidable task which requires individuals that have profound and complete knowledge of public policy formulation, as well as thorough command and understanding of intricate state and federal fiscal and budgetary issues. Public policy decisions and the eventual execution and implementation of such decisions is a monumental endeavor which can only be handled by a handful of experienced, organized and very skillful experts. That's what Predco brings to the table.

Predco professionals have all been involved in making public policy determinations for the Government of Puerto Rico. Managing the day to day affairs of the government requires not only a complete mastery and control over many different areas, it also requires that you possess the necessary personal and political skills to also engage the mayors and legislators, for no major public policy decision is formulated, and no law is enacted without measuring the impact on these constituencies. You will need to rely on the capabilities and relationships of resourceful and practical individuals who can translate your specific goals and desires for the regulators or legislators, their staff and committees, and as such, knowledge and understanding of the inner workings of the government, the legislature and the mayors’ offices, is absolutely essential in the development, crafting and enactment of public policy with far-reaching community impact.