As an additional stimulus to increase exports from Puerto Rico, Predco professionals created several special exporting incentives, including one designed to reduce the cost of transportation of goods from Puerto Rico to the US and to several other jurisdictions, an incentive designed to provide export businesses with a line of credit collateralized with accounts receivables, and a 100% subsidy for the cost of using the services of the US Commercial Service. In addition, a Federal Contracting Center was created to help local companies engage in contract procurement with the Federal Government, and finally, Puerto Rico’s Aguadilla airport became the first on the island and 84 in the US to be designated a Free Trade Zone in its entirety by the Foreign Trade Zone Board. This has now positioned Puerto Rico to become a logistics center for air freight to and between the Americas.

business development & commercial trade missions

Predco professionals have the internal capacity to assess and analyze your business model as it engages and interacts in the Puerto Rico economy. Our professionals are uniquely positioned to guide and assist you in maximizing the returns from your business model, as well as promoting your business concepts and business leads into actual opportunities. Our professionals are recognized and seasoned economists and business people with many years of experience and first-hand knowledge and acumen to assess the economic conditions in Puerto Rico as well as the external economic influences that will impact your projects. Predco consultants are equipped to provide sensible, thoughtful and sound recommendations that will assist and expedite your decision making analysis, thus allocating resources in the most effective manner and ultimately deciding whether the investment's benefits outweigh the projected costs. 

Given that Predco professionals include several former Secretaries of Economic Development & Commerce that were responsible for business development efforts executed by the government of Puerto Rico, including coordinating commercial missions to and from Puerto Rico during their tenure, Predco is perfectly positioned to provide that expertise to governments and private companies. Predco professionals led missions to the Dominican Republic, Chile, St. Martin, Panama, Costa Rica, Peru, Trinidad & Tobago, Guatemala, El Salvador, Spain, Venezuela, Mexico, and many others, and thus have a wide range of contacts to draw upon.

During their tenure, a heightened focus was brought to increasing and incentivizing exportations from Puerto Rico to the US and to Latin America in an effort to establish Puerto Rico as a bridge between the Americas.