Former Governor of Puerto Rico
Rafael Hernández Colón
​1973-1976; 1985-1992
The Puerto Rico Economic Development Company is composed of eminently talented individuals of the highest intellectual, ethical, and professional caliber, whose main purpose is to bring economic development and prosperity to Puerto Rico. Predco's professionals have already served Puerto Rico with distinction from the highest levels of public office, serving under different administrations with their own distinct political ideologies. Economic development matters, however, must transcend individual political persuasions, and Predco does just that. As Puerto Ricans, our collective desire to see a full recovery for our Island's economy is a great challenge, but in order to be successful, everybody -- and I stress everybody -- has to be a part of this effort. Economic success knows no colors or political preferences. It is a matter of strong and unwavering collective will and determination. I am confident that Predco will be a strong participant in Puerto Rico's economic recovery, and I look forward to working with Predco towards that same goal.
In order to restore economic growth and prosperity in Puerto Rico, it is essential that we all unite our strengths and ideas, beyond partisan considerations. It is time we all realize that we must all join forces in our collective effort to succeed. I have been aware of a truly ambitious project where several high-level former government officials from both main political parties have created a non-partisan services platform that taps into the experience and institutional knowledge offered by its members to provide them with a platform from which to continue contributing to Puerto Rico’s economic development from the private sector. It is a private economic development group called the Puerto Rico Economic Development Company, and the talent that comprises this group is among the most distinguished of all government officials that have served Puerto Rico over the past twenty (20) years. Although throughout my career I have worked with many distinguished professionals, even within this important group, the members of Predco stand out as individuals of exceptional caliber, intellect, integrity and dedication, always holding themselves to the highest ethical standards. Their achievements epitomize the ideals of public service and leadership, and I can attest that they have always lived up to them in exemplary fashion. It is a truly impressive group of professionals with an unmatched wealth of knowledge from both main political parties that has come together in a way that we haven’t seen before in Puerto Rico, and I believe that it will make substantial contributions to the private sector landscape on the Island. I am certain that the members of Predco will be successful in their venture for I know what they are capable of delivering.
Former Governor of Puerto Rico
Luis G. Fortuño

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we have ample experience in government and in the private sector

Predco professionals bring to the table unmatched depth of knowledge about government, finance, incentives, process, and law. Predco has the capability to provide services in Puerto Rico, Latin America and the US. Predco’s professionals comprise the most comprehensive set of economic development professionals assembled in Puerto Rico, giving Predco capabilities that exceed those of other business consulting firms, with a breadth of scope that includes real estate, accounting, law, policy and business consulting, among others. Our professional staff includes economic development professionals, attorneys, bankers, accountants, public and private policy experts, information technology providers, and professionals with many other areas of expertise, who are ready to provide you with counsel and advice on all areas necessary to succeed in the Puerto Rico market.

There is no other place where you will be able to have former Secretaries of Economic Development & Commerce of Puerto Rico, former Chiefs of Staff to the Governor of Puerto Rico, former Executive Directors of the Puerto Rico Trade & Export Company, former Executive Directors of the Puerto Rico Industrial Development Company, former Presidents of the Government Development Bank for Puerto Rico, former Secretaries of the Treasury of Puerto Rico, former Directors of the Office of Management and Budget, former Secretaries of Labor or Puerto Rico, former Chief Information Officers of Puerto Rico, former Executive Directors of the Puerto Rico Housing Finance Authority, some of the most well-respected Ph.D.'s in economy in Puerto Rico, and a team of lawyers that are licensed to practice law in Puerto Rico, Florida, New York and Washington, DC, all ready to use their expertise and experience to help you achieve your goals.

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